Twenty Years Old By Ayanna Bates


Naive, foolish, maybe even a little crazy. Does that sound like us? Maybe a little. But there are so many  other amazing things that we are up to. Some of us are working a hard job that pays, well, decent. Some of us are working towards a degree, to well, hopefully land another job. Some of us are doing both. And let me be frank, that is really hard. Give us some more credit.

Now there are the few gems in the crowd who are up to something big. Like say, starting their own company. Haha, sound familiar?

Yeah you caught me, I am one of those gems. The whole point I am trying to highlight here is that people in their twenties are doing amazing things. We are busting our butts to be the best.

Most of the time, especially from the people close to me, I hear things like, “you don’t know anything.” And it is very damaging for a young person to receive messages like this.

People please, watch what you say to our young people; you may just be talking to the next Michelle Obama.

-Ayanna Bates| Author | Blogger | Poet | Spoken Word Artist





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