Submissions: A Poem by Rebecca Abronski

They’re simply just scars residing on my wrists
Reminder of a pain I once felt
Liquid sadness pouring from my body.
A temporary escape,
A high,
From the battle in my mind
Tears floating through the space of nowhere.
Sayings of “I’m here” and “I care”
When all they are is lies.
Simply shattered dreams residing in my memory
Leaving behind only traces of the girl I used to be.
The truth of others words plague my conscious
They stream through my brain like fish in a fresh water stream
They say it’s just sadness
Just a chemical imbalance or something like that
“Just a phase”
“Get over it”
“She’s only doing it for attention”
“You have no reason to be sad, so why are you?”
Knives in my mind telling me what I feel isn’t true
They’re just scars on my wrists.
Reminding me of a sadness I once felt
That fact,
Nothing more,
Nothing less,
Shows Just how strong I am now.
They’re just scars.